’07 December

Party Hearty! the Griffith Observatory, Carl and Lynn’s bda, and More.

Roger and Sandy took…

December 30

Roger and Sandy took me and Nancy and Jim out to lunch in celebration of Nancy’s birthday. How lovely!

There was a house…

December 29

There was a house full of people in celebration of Carl and Lynn’s Big Six OH, most of whom I see a couple times a year at their place, and here are a few of them.

Everyone’s having fun. I would go so far as to propose that we folks circling around our 60s are more easygoing and having more fun than ‘before’. It just seems that way to me.

From Lynn:
Top row (from left): James Jordan and Andrea Zinder, Mike Goldstein, Bill Flumenbaum, Ben Pomerantz, Tricia Flumenbaum Bottom row (from left): Carol Baume, Lynn Rosenfield, Tricia Flumenbaum, Joanne Altschuler

More, and our Carl,…

More, and our Carl, as ever, declaiming. I think the topic was football…

From Lynn:
From left: Debbie and Glen Kane, Nina Asher and Steve Raiken
Below: Carl, waxing eloquent or pontificating or

I got this note…

December 27

I got this note and photo from Ronald. It’s funny:

We should have a competition about who is happiest as a retired person.

Im not normally a happy person. But Im ten times happier now than I was commuting to Valencia. And when the temperatures are like today, I am 20 times happier than I was standing in the cold in Newhall waiting for a bus.

I find it is the little things in life that make it worthwhile. Ive left my alarm clock to ring at 6am so as not to miss the pleasure of turning it off and going back to sleep without worrying about what excuse I would need if I called in sick.

Meanwhile, now that I have an iPhone, Im getting into fotos. Here are two of Hezbolah. RVA

HoHoHo! Santa Claus…

December 25

HoHoHo! Santa Claus came to town!! What fun!!! Angela took this shot of Christmas morning. I didn’t take a single one that turned out. Thanks Angela for stepping into the gap!


Christmas Eve at Marija…

December 24

Christmas Eve at Marija and Brian’s! There were many tens of guests in the house but all the kids found their way out to Christopher’s room. You would have too if you were their age. Of course we forced them to come back in and entertain us. (I do notice that when I was the age of the eldest here Darryl was TEN.)

Then I went to D&A’s for a slumber party in anticipation of Santa Claus Comin’ To Town!!

Andrea Graham. Holy…

December 22

Andrea Graham. Holy cow, we haven’t seen each other in more than 40 years.

I didn’t get to go to the ‘JB Girls Give Themselves a 60th Birthday Party’ party Andrea and another pal put together because I was out of the country, JB being our Junior High. We met for lunch and a walk around the old neighborhood and it was Great!

Then I took 28…

Then I took 28 pounds of magazines out to Celina and she cooked dinner. Just Look at this dinner. Celina is a wonderful cook. Lucky me!

…holiday dinner with the…

…holiday dinner with the boys. We ate at this same restaurant last year (it’s Il Fornaio on Ocean) and it’s a winner. We made some serious Merry.

Ken, me, Bill

I had lunch downtown…

December 18

I had lunch downtown with Robert. We ate in a really colorful place specializing in Mexican seafood. It’s set in an industrial open-brick cement-floor building with radical political artwork as part of its dramatic decor.

And I didn’t take a single picture. Bummer. So I snagged this shot off Robert’s site. Three of these youth are his. The three cutest of course, in the front, from the left.


Look who’s here! …

December 17

Look who’s here! Hana and Tai’s GRANDBaby Nagi!! And their son and daughter-in-law too but mostly NAGI!

Orchids! Soo many…

Orchids! Soo many orchids. This place is in Culver City and what a pleasant surprise. I’d never even heard of it before but on an afternoon walk with Rosie she pointed it out. Wow.

Cookies! Nancy hosted…

December 15

Cookies! Nancy hosted a holiday cookie decorating party, and sweet and festive it was. Cookies all made up in all the shapes and sizes, and 15 different colors of frosting and jars and jars of decorations. What fun!

Top Row L to R: Katherine Fibiger, Lisa Lawrence, Nancy’s dearest daughter Molly, Nancy Artz
Bottom Row L to R: Sandy Chaves, Carol Shelton, Louise Edgerton

This doesn’t give the…

December 14

This doesn’t give the real feeling when you’re In it. This is like looking at it from the sky and thinking ‘oh, no, yuck, that’s nasty for all those people down there’, but you’re not Feeling it.

Friday night I drove out to the valley and went with Ken to look for a party venue with dancing (so I got to dance a-plenty, relieving my traffic-tantrum). Yummy.

Saturday night I tried to drive to Maxine’s party but after an eternity and not yet reaching the Getty Center I just had to punk out and turn around. It was like being trapped in one of those ‘toil and trouble’ cauldrons and I had reached my personal boiling point. Bummer.

A classic representation of…

December 13

A classic representation of life around The Brown House. There’s Trevor on the blow-up bed in the middle of the living room; Charis up front; Beth, my big sister Lona, and Caleb on the left; Christa and Hartley straight ahead. Why are they all bundled up in sweaters and coats? It’s that whole ‘central heating’ thing…

The Hawaii Browns are here for a quick three-nighter, to give moral support for Hartley’s eye surgery (that went very well) and enjoy an early Gift Exchange. What fun!

Then we ate 16 pounds of prime rib. Yes we did.

Also I went with…

Also I went with Brigitte for a walking tour of USC and a stop-off at the Fisher Gallery to see Robert Graham’s new work. These are my least favorite of the pieces. The best were dancers – they were wonderful.

Here’s a surprise link to a well known Robert Graham design.

Rome’s gonna…

December 12

Check it OUT. Yes, it’s TRUE! Rome’s gonna be one FanTAStic Big Sister!! Oh lucky lucky me. Hurray Darryl and Angela!

Monday Night Gift Exchange….

December 10

Monday Night Gift Exchange. Whoo we had fun!

(Ljubica, Ann, Maryanne, Lourdes, Alicia, Maxine, Marsha, Becky, Ruth, Marija, me)

Twelve minutes before this…

Twelve minutes before this photo our plates were Piled High. It was a feast of the first order and Alicia made every dish.

Here we go: Turkey; stuffing from inside the turkey; perfect gravy; mashed potatoes so delicious everyone clambered for the recipe; a mound of mashed yams on a pineapple ring and a decorative marshmallow toasted on top; Alicia’s world famous jello salad; green beans; carrots; a ‘pumpkin crumble’ dessert so yummy we Just Kept Eating.

A clip from the…

A clip from the holiday decorations…pa rum pa pa pum.

(There is some difference of opinion on the internet as to these lyrics as others wrote it ‘pa rum pum pum pum’.)

This is one hot…

This is one hot Christmas Tree. All the fabulously jewelled and be-ribboned balls have the names of Alicia’s grandchildren scripted in gold. Santa’s gonna be spending plenty of time here just staring at this tree!

A two party day,…

December 8

A two party day, but no real pix.

I went with Nancy (A) to see Enchanted and it is true, we were both enchanted. Too bad about that tv actor playing a love interest, he of the limpid eyes and pathetic, joyless demeanor. But other than that.

Then I got to see Rosie’s new place (Tres ChIC) since she was having a holiday ladies candle party sale thing. It was fun. Good food and a lively crowd. And so many people like to buy candles.

Althea and Allen at…

December 7

Althea and Allen at their annual Holiday Party where, according to Althea, you can’t miss their home as it is lit up like a Vegas Casino.

And so it is. Ever since Allen appeared on the scene several years ago the lawn and roof and windows and Everywhere, every year, gets more and more full of lights and decorations until now I would say – can there possibly be any more?! I didn’t catch a shot because it was TOOO COLD out there in Lancaster to stand around for a photo. Take my word for it. It was b.r.i.g.h.t.

Brigitte has been Soo…

December 6

Brigitte has been Soo busy but now ‘Maybe I’ll get my life back’ she was allowing just yesterday. I hope so! Today we walked and I got to hear stories of all these adventures. Like a good radio drama!

Dinner is cooked, eaten,…

December 5

Dinner is cooked, eaten, and cleaned up. The dog is walked and everyone (everyone!) has a few minutes with their laptop to check email (or the Laker scores…or the letter ‘g’) before bath time.

It’s the re-assembly of…

December 2

It’s the re-assembly of Team Kauai. Yea! Betty’s here at Sharon’s and joined by Nancy, we ate a delightful brunch at Tam O’Shanter (thanks Nancy, what a kick!) and then enjoyed a most entertaining and interesting afternoon at the iconic Griffith Observatory.

Come to think of…

Come to think of it, it must have been public money that did the refurb and ‘we’ surely did do a FABulous job. Hmm, I took this picture. Not 100% not skew-y, but cool none the less.

First Holiday Party of…

December 1

First Holiday Party of the Holiday Party Season! It’s Knut and Brigitte’s 6th Annual Holiday Slipper Party! Friends Food and Fun…

(from Brigitte – L to R; B to T)
Nancy/Jeff Daryl Bettie Hana
Stacey Brigitte
Tony Miriam/Adolfo Inga-Lill

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