’11 November

It’s Wedding Bells! and ALL the kids will be here. HURRAY!

Mighty Mouse Will Save…

November 29

Mighty Mouse Will Save The Day! The girls have taken a fancy to Mighty Mouse on youtube – we watch a few 6-8 minute videos each week.

I need to tape record Lilly calling out Might Mouse Will Save The Day. Rome can sing ‘Here he comes to save the day’ (etc…) like the song and Lilly copies her with a little hint of the tune and her own 2 year old pronunciation and it is hysterical.

Sandy is down in…

November 28

Sandy is down in LA for the Thanksgiving week and we had a lovely morning together wandering around Main Street in Santa Monica.

We ate breakfast at…

We ate breakfast at this restaurant, not here by the toilet of course, but out on the welcoming patio. Then we strolled along the beach. Ahh.

Check out that date…

November 26

Check out that date again … that’s right, November 26.

Bright and sunny, mid 70s, fun in the sun. Gina came out west to enjoy the magnificent day with a nice long walk and a mid-morning tasty treat.

Oh goodie, Oscar movie…

November 25

Oh goodie, Oscar movie release season is upon us and we get to watch the good movies.

I just saw The Artist – black and white, silent, and entirely wonderful. Wow.

Moneyball is really good, and I’m looking forward to The Descendents, J Edgar, I never saw Midnight in Paris or Tree of Life, War Horse might be too much of a tear jerker for me, My Week With Marilyn, certainly more…

Giving THANKS. I…

November 24

Giving THANKS. I can put myself to sleep counting my blessings the list is so long.

From after everyone went…

November 20

From after everyone went home from the wedding until now I have been doing a whole lot of not too much.

I allowed myself a couple of days to succumb to an allergy attack, I subscribed to the digital version of the NY Times (down to $15/month which I am thrilled to pay…which reminds me I’ve been lax in supporting my Public Radio stations), visited friends at lunch, saw the kids, and…

…made a few forrays…

…made a few forrays to the beach.

This is the Malibu Pier taken from the patio of a pretty nice restaurant at the beach end where I went with Sharon after we made 2 miles at the Pepperdine track.

Here’s a cute one…

November 11

Here’s a cute one that Mike took upon our arrival at the Oakwoods…me, Cynthia, and the girls Rome and Lilly peering out the window onto the patio of one of the five luxurious two bedroom apartment L&H rented for the party.


As the lead-up to…

November 9

As the lead-up to my little sister’s wedding I took her for the ritual cleansing at the Korean Spa where they first scrub you down with varying degrees of sandpaper before you get your goopy and delicious massage.

From now forward it’s all wedding all the time and I probably won’t get to putting pictures in until next week.

Then I got to…

Then I got to do the funnest activity ever, taking the girls for a walk around the block. Rome and I used to go for a walk around the block almost every week and this was the first week we took Lilly along.

It was SO much fun, talking about our favorite places, naming the flowers, hopping on the garden paths, visiting with the passers-by, stopping off at Daniella’s. FUN!

be available for…

November 4

All week I had to call in for jury duty. Ok no Monday ok no Tuesday ok no Wednesday ok no Thursday…bummer YES Friday. So I went in and then realized after the big ‘you must be available for 5-7 days’ if you get called to a jury that I had better not risk missing any of the festivities around Windy’s wedding…so I had to ask for a postponement, which was granted, and now I have to do the whole thing over again in March.

Down at the courthouse it was the first day of the Conrad Murray deliberations and quite the scene it was.

Ben and Bonnie had…

November 3

Ben and Bonnie had an extra ticket and invited me to join them at this awesomely cool event in Century City.

It was at heart a fund raiser for UC Berkeley where they extolled all things Cal (they could have an entire freshman class of perfect SAT scores but turned down a slew of them, they’ve generated the most Peace Corps volunteers of any university in America, state funds now represent 12% of their operating expenses, etc. etc.).

Then we got to enjoy a fabulous speaker, voted UC Berkeley’s best professor a record eight times, the entirely entertaining and well honored professor Alex Filippenko, presenting on the topic Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe. Wow, like getting to go to the best class without the risk of a quiz.

Alex Filippenko
Bonnie, Ben, Carl, Jay, Bob

Here come a pack…

November 1

Here come a pack of too fun pictures I’ve got from others since I returned from Africa.

Marija’s new grandbaby Ben with big brother Alex who just got a haircut.


SB Nancy’s fam, my…

SB Nancy’s fam, my SF Bernal Heights sweeties are up by one now! Josh, Kelly, Charlie, Henry, and new baby Milton.


Chris and Dave’s adorable…

Chris and Dave’s adorable grandboys Max and Ollie. Chris and Dave are Sharon’s relations whose company I got to enjoy in Hawaii.


More of Sharon’s relations,…

More of Sharon’s relations, sweet-as-pie Amber of Amber and computer-geek-Scott, both of them so much fun to talk to, and new baby Wyatt.


My brother-in-law Hartley just…

My brother-in-law Hartley just after his attack of Bell’s Palsy. They say it’ll pass, that it’s not dangerous, that he’ll be fine. But it could take 2-3 Months for him to be back to the way he was before. Yikes.


Brigitte and Knut in…

Brigitte and Knut in Antwerp on the city bikes that you can borrow, riding though a gorgeous park. They were able to rent their apartment as they were hoping and are heading to Portugal in a few days. Then the plan is they’ll settle down there, for a few months anyway!


And speaking of bikes,…

And speaking of bikes, Lill and Tony and their traveling pals took their bikes out on the streets to enjoy CicLAvia where the city closes down a great number of streets to cars and everyone just walks and rolls around having a grand ol’ time. I hope not to miss it next time.


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