’15 October

The start of the Holiday Season!
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four AWEsome weeks in PARIS.

I had a nice…

October 31

I had a nice walk with Lona this morning out by Ballona Creek. These are the gates, made as part of the LA River improvements.

Darryl making his one-a-day…

Darryl making his one-a-day one unbroken piece of wire sculpture. He’s been doing one-a-day for 218 days. Check him out – it is AWEsome.

facebook.com/365wires and instragram.com/darrylkanouse.

Will this gif play?…

October 30

Will this gif play? Yes! You have to click on the image or make the whole chapter big. Happy Halloween!!

I got it off imgur.com.

I drove up to…

October 29

I drove up to Santa Barbara for a visit with Michi and a visit with Nancy and it was a lovely day.

We did that, Eat Here.

We took a quick…

We took a quick buzz through the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. There was an exhibition, Degas to Chagall, borrowed from the Hammer. There was one Chagall – it was nice to see even the one.

Nancy took this in the Asian Arts permanent collection. I can’t find the details but I think at about a 51% confidence level that the artist died in the 1920s.


Girls Day! Lilly…

October 27

Girls Day! Lilly and Roxi and I went to the car wash, ate lunch at Akbar, got a craft project at Big Lots that the girls enjoyed at home, then we walked to pick up Rome, dropped off Roxi, went home for a quick snack and some homework before leaving to go to…

Lilly and I took…

October 20

Lilly and I took Rome to her soccer practice and then we played with Mia, the younger sister of another player who happens to be the coaches daughter.

The girls did gymnastics together, we played in the school yard…

…and we walked laps!…

…and we walked laps! It’s a fine adventure walking around the track offering high-fives and cheers to the running club “Girls on the Run”. Isn’t that great.

Medicare thought it was…

October 19

Medicare thought it was worth it to get that eye opened and if Medicare thinks I should do it enough that they’ll pay who am I to say no. My face is still oh-so not symmetrical and I can safely say it never will be symmetrical. But at least I can see much better.

No one ever notices a thing!

Vacancy: boooo. New…

October 18

Vacancy: boooo. New Tenant: YAY! I had an open house on Sunday and thousands showed up. Thanks to sister Windy for helping me with the tours (‘helping’ me = doing it all). I would have freaked out with the crowds. And thanks to sister Lona for all the follow-up.

Oh Marsha Marsha. …

October 16

Oh Marsha Marsha. Marsha invited me to join her on Casual Friday at the Disney Hall to hear Dudamel conduct “Rite of Spring”. Despite the casual appearance of the orchestra it was breathtaking; it took my breath away. You can see only about 2/3 of the enormous orchestra gathered for this piece.

Here are bits from the LA Times review: “We seem so far beyond the age of orchestral scandals that it can take an exercise of imagination to fathom the Paris riot in 1913 at the premiere of “Rite of Spring.” A century later, Stravinsky’s ballet has become more popular than “Scheherazade.”

“The Los Angeles Philharmonic is especially beloved in L.A. for its music making, community involvement, and for bringing us the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Fortunately, the L.A. Phil also happens to be the most clamorous of orchestras in its willingness to take chances and court controversy.

“The “Rite” left everyone…

“The “Rite” left everyone reeling … using a massively large ensemble, Dudamel created the sensation of mob rule. The orchestra could barely be contained.

“Dudamel didn’t ask for beauty or sensuality (the way the “Rite” is often sold these days). The excitement came not from obsessive rhythmic control but sheer vehemence, an exhibition of uncontrollable mass psychology.

“…During the applause at the end, several players in an orchestra that eats Stravinsky for breakfast looked at one another and laughed, as if out of astonishment for the Stravinsky shock they had just managed to produce.”

The Getty at night…

October 15

The Getty at night with hardly any people. What a JOY. Muriel had tickets to a talk put on by some Japanese photographers whose works are being featured until February. You won’t be sorry if you check it out!

I had a nice…

October 14

I had a nice day today with the cousins Nancy and Sharon, lunch and a movie, what a treat. Here is Nancy’s precious granddaughter who just turned THREE.


Time to clear out…

Time to clear out and refresh ‘the refrigerator door’.

Lilly drew the flying pig and the portrait of her Granny; a Big Bag of Birthday (so cute!) from Rome; a Welcome Home card from Lona; the logo off a case of Leo Beer from Thailand and a hair clip from Hawaii; notice of my French pronunciation class at Santa Monica College extension; two Hawaii high-school graduates! Caleb and Koa; the button from our Seattle family-fest; a menu from a great new take-away; a Before eye picture.

Our Santa Monica says…

October 12

Our Santa Monica says Welcome Home. Say Honey, could you please do something about this HEAT?!

Muriel and I saw…

October 11

Muriel and I saw this movie today and it was amazing. The director, still living in Teheran, is forbidden from making movies and is awaiting the outcome of an appeal of his 2010 six year jail sentence for ‘propaganda against the Iranian government’. He’s made several movies since he was forbidden to make movies, all of them smuggled out of Iran.

Then we ate delicious Japanese food at a place I suggested but what was I thinking, we could have eaten at any of the dozen Persian restaurants in the same neighborhood.

I drove the twins…

October 10

I drove the twins out to Palmdale for lunch with Louise and everyone enjoyed the get-together. The last time I saw Louise was a year ago this month…and she’s as happy and settled in as last year which is great.

Went walking with Sharon…

October 9

Went walking with Sharon today – here’s the update on the California Incline re-construction project.

Then I had a nice dinner with Windy. It has been so so so HOT here. Sleeping now has another problem since it doesn’t ever cool off.

What have I been…

October 8

What have I been doing…I don’t remember…Tuesday with the girls…Thursday I saw my older sister about my vacancy…a lot of watching the ceiling.

Tonight I will sleep, tomorrow will be a regular day. That’s my plan.

Lilly had the party…

Lilly had the party at her gymnastics studio and everyone had a blast. Jumping, cartwheeling, swinging, leaping, go go going!

I’ll get the names…

I’ll get the names next week which I’m looking forward to because I need heeeelp remembering.


My plane got in…

October 3

My plane got in late, I went home to take a shower, just rested my eyes for a second and sadly fell asleep for a couple of hours and was late to Rome’s HAPPY TENth BIRTHDAY party which was a fabulous event put on by Darryl and Angela.

They made a photo booth, got together costumes and props, and took dozens and dozens of polaroid photos of the dozen girls dressing up and vamping for the camera, and then each girl made a fully decorated and finished-off scrapbook with their efforts. It was a total smashing hit.


I didn’t take any…

I didn’t take any pictures but Angela has a lot more. I got these off her facebook but I’ll get a few more from her computer next Tuesday.

10/21 and I haven’t done it yet…because I keep FORGETTING.


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