For when people ask me about this soaking tub, here’s my really small 6×8 foot bathroom that has some side-storage on the porch, and there are no doors to save floor space. The above picture is mighty distort-o to get it all in.

When I sit in that bathtub gorgeous rich steamy-hot water comes up to my chin. Another month maybe and I can have my first bath in months, since The Incident. I’ve been so looking forward to that day.

I did this remodel in 1998 back when I bought the property. The tub is installed below floor level and I can still get in by swinging my legs around but in another few years I’ll have to get a footstool to make it out safely. The skylight was also part of the remodel and it still doesn’t leak (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood).


Curtains for guests and a place to comb my ever decreasing number of hairs.

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