Thanksgiving Day the time of Covid. We exchanged dishes, the couple I made and the many they made, and then enjoyed a zoom-giving with thanks that such a thing could even happen.

DAR&L are watching Oliver’s half-brother Dude for the holiday weekend. They are SO cute together. That’s my gum tree bag of delights. The bag and containers are included! The bag says “gum tree peace out 2020!”.

Snagged from Darryl’s instagram.

“”Yes Dad, I do need all three devices.” Device 1: For watching the movie. Device 2: For chatting with a friend while watching the movie. Device 3: For making the Thanksgiving card while chatting with a friend while watching the movie.”

Lilly left this card on the path for me to pick up. SO adorable, she made the Happy Turkey Day look like a penny.

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