Here comes the parade,…

Here comes the parade, only on the last day to say goodbye. The cart with the goat follows at the end of the parade.

Ms Wiki says:

“The fair itself is purported to be ancient but can only officially be traced as far back as 1603 ((making this the 400th anniversary)) when King James I issued a charter granting legal status to the existing fair in Killorglin. Despite this fact, its roots are still unknown.

“One of the legends of the fair is that the event pays tribute to a goat that broke away from its herd who warned the town’s inhabitants of the advancing army of Oliver Cromwell during his conquest of Ireland in the 17th century, the goat’s arrival alerted the inhabitants of danger.

“Scholars speculate that the fair’s origins stems from Pre-Christian Ireland, from the Celtic festival of Lughnasa which symbolized the beginning of the harvest season, and that the goat is a pagan fertility symbol.”

Cromwell is a HUGE villain here btw.

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