‘The review of all…

‘The review of all Grandma’s tests of the last few weeks brings the doctors to the conclusion that what they had speculated at the beginning was in fact true. At this moment they have nothing much to offer. She has been having small strokes centered in the memory portion of her brain and also a
affecting her balance. The damage is permanent and it is likely that the small strokes will continue to happen and her condition will continue to worsen. In a weird way I almost feel like the drama is over and now we all just want to be with her, to help her have a graceful life and to live through it as best we can. She could go anytime or live for years.

She has been up and down but basically stable lately and at a level that is not her worst. She forgets minute by minute and she often hurts a lot but overall she can putter along and she recognizes everyone and can maintain attention sometimes for quite a while. The dark glasses seem to help her headaches. There were periods when she was a lot worse!

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