And I am going…

And I am going to Yucatan anyway, on March 12 for six days. I have commitments with a friend, reservations, etc. and not the least that I really do want to go. My sisters were both very supportive although it will mean they won’t get what little break I give them. I’ve been taking a turn on the weekends. I’m The Church Lady. I stay with mom from late afternoon Saturday to mid day Sunday so my little sister can be with her son in Cypress and go to his church and so my big sister can get up at dawn to attend their extended church day. That’s me. The Church Lady. I’m also Ms Walkies because I go over in the evening and let ‘my little sister the nurse’ have time for a long fast-paced power walk, which she definitely appreciates.

We haven’t yet conceived of where this will all lead but we have several weeks before Windy has to go back.’

Mom can still enjoy company for an hour or two… She is such a flirt.

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