A Big Day In Paso

We got up at 6am this morning to start our day at the Franklin Hot Springs. It was a total blast and I would go there again any day of the week. (Fred had coffee ready every morning no matter how early we got up. Yay Fred.) They introduced me to the drill: bathing suit on, coffee in a thermos, a towel, a robe, flips, and we’re off.

Susan and Fred have an annual pass and come often. It’s good to be there early when it’s quieter and the steam is rolling off the surface of a perfectly sulfered pond.

There’s the soaking ponds and the bigger pool where you can get in some good laps if you’re of a mind and where Fred got us the mud for our face masks. Beyond the pool there is a lake popular with migrating birds and year-around ducks.



After a couple hours of delight we went back to the house and had a yummy brunch, and then Susan and I decided to enjoy a tour around the area and some wine tasting.

First stop: Sculpterra.

Fall in the vineyards.

And the sculptures for which they are known. They tasting was nice too, entertaining, plenty of choices, informative. Well done Sculpterra.


And our last stop, Still Waters Winery for sunset.

And then a dash back to the house for the last rays from the balcony and to be greeted by dinner that Fred made while we were gone.

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