Sensorio WOW

You can visit this wonderful installation too, just google Sensorio Paso Robles for stories and links to everything there is to know. I did see the first iteration of this project in Australia, in the land below Uluru.

We, Susan and I, got to the site just as they opened, 30 minutes before sunset. We both think that’s a key, to get there before sunset and watch the lights come on.

The view from our seats on the terrace. There were levels of seats and fire ‘pits’ behind us. We had paid big bucks for the Primo tickets, seats on terrace and food all ready to enjoy. It wasn’t great food but it was great to have it, and a beverage is included. I did like having the warm place to sit and a table from which to watch the sunset and eat. You can however spend less, get food at the food trucks, enjoy the live entertainment, so there are options.

Here we’ve headed out for the walk. The whole outing was about 5,000 steps so pretty available to anyone. They say “it’s a very easy walk, about .5 miles” and maybe that’s true if you do nothing else, but walking from the parking, back to the start to use the bathroom, milling around in the towers, it’s all much more than .5 miles.

The artist’s name is Bruce Munro. He has many installations around the world, worth a google if you’re of a mind, and this site (you can click on it) was a nice review of the Paso Light at Sensorio.

The site opened in 2019, had a pretty major expansion in 2021, and is going strong as a permanent tourist attraction with many more projects in the works.

All of the lights change colors just slowly enough that you’re not sure. I stood in this one place for a while to get this.

Be sure to check the weather (duhh) because it can be hot hot and get seriously cold, especially if the wind kicks in.

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