A Strange Few Days

I want to relish the fence while I can because soon I’ll need to have it shaved down as it is once again encroaching on the sidewalk.

I got cancelled on twice(!) in three days which meant I had a chance to have some last minute meals with my sisters and that was lovely. Lunch with one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday, MNL lunch Monday, PT, and I had a session with Lona’s personal trainer, my first ever. Maybe I’ll go for it every other week?

I did go with Lona to the tailor who is going to alter her outfit for the weddings of two of her grandchildren – Charis in June and Caleb in July. Lookin’ good Lo. She’s a little concerned about it being too formal for the Hawaii wedding. After all, the father of the bride is wearing an aloha shirt as he always does to every occasion.

Ahh, wisteria above, and old lady feet below.

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