Lunch W/Rome Dinner W/Lilly

Lilly and I have a new project – introducing me to all the Disney Princesses! We had a slumber party at my house tonight and we watched Tangled (Rapunzel Rapunzel…). I just read she was the 10th official Disney Princess and the first to be rendered in CGI. It was fun. I do want to give kudos to the team in charge of the horse. That horse was a Force!


But first Rome and I had a good lunch at the Thai place and then went shopping for ingredients for all the dishes Rome is going to make tomorrow for the Big Party they are having, a dress-up Roaring ’20s affair, and murder mystery, entirely conceived, designed, and built by Rome. I hope to get a picture from the party tomorrow!

This is Rome showing me their outfits, dressed all Flapper for the party, and the long dress that will be shortened is for PROM.

Unrelated, a hummingbird made it into their house. Oliver was concerned.

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