A View And Murano

We made our way over to an upscale shopping block called T Fondaco dei Tedeschi where, if you made a reservation weeks in advance, you could spend 15 minutes on their roof. We did, and it was great and more than worth its cost of nothing!

Above is the magnificent Basilica of San Marco/St Mark’s Cathedral and below their promotional photo and Windy’s picture.

This was the day I ate PIZZA and played hide and seek with a little kid who wanted to get under the table and Windy visited with a couple from Texas who were sitting next to us.

On our way to the views… snaps from the vaporetto.

Weird coloring between these two pictures. Both of them off.

From there, very near the Rialto Bridge, we wandered our way to the vaporetto stop that would take us to Murano, the great glass making center of Venice.

What used to be all glass warehouses and factories.

It was crushingly hot and I decided to call it, and enjoyed a liter of water and a side of veg, not really hungry because of the PIZZA. I shared the patio/restaurant with the pigeons. Windy went on to the museum which she reported was very interesting.

Everyone was hot, some of us got a fan!

We happened to luck into a great demonstration.

One of the rare times we got a seat outside.

Usually all the seats are taken and we stand outside in the open middle because the breeze is so nice.

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