Three Big Deals

The top picture is from the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and Angelenos will recognize the sculpture from the Getty Center, both cast from the same mold. Windy had to play gate keeper and the woman agreed to cooperate so I could have this photo. I might mention the crowds a few dozen more times…

A visit to the Guggenheim was worth the trip to Venice, that’s how cool it is.

This was a museum worker standing by the window and when I asked could I please, and of course no pressure At All, but could I please have a picture of you with this picture… Sure!

Who doesn’t like a Picasso they’ve never seen before hung behind a Calder they’ve never seen before?

Glass sculpture in a glass town.

A retrospective of Edmondo Bacci’s work ‘primarily on the 1950s, the most lyrical and creative period of the artist’s career.’

I didn’t take any pictures in the exhibit except the one below. You can look him up here in the Guggenheim website.

From the garden.

Polished stone produced this upside down image.


It was a Big Deal Day, two out of the three being absolute highlights.

I’ll tell about the least of them next, the Accademia (Gallerie dell’Accademia). We called it the Museum of Suffering Humanity. The art is mostly pre-1800s religious paintings by all the big names – Titian, Bellini, Tintoretto, even a couple Bosch who is always happy to stick a few forks in your eye.


Getting around and having some food before we hit the big one, The Basilica of San Marco/St Mark’s Cathedral for a guided tour.

Sights along the Grand Canal.

Flags of the EU, Italy, and Venice.

Gondolas are only for the tourists. Our guide said, ‘only for You’. Even the taxis (the power boats you see on the canal) are for tourists. Local people ride the vaporetto or walk.

What tourists do when they’ve escaped the raging river of tourists.

FOOD. This is where we stopped for a morning break, coffee and a yummy omelet we shared and a sample cicchetti.


Now for the Basilica! Not my picture of the inside and not my picture of the outside either. Here you can actually see the scene without the wall of people and major construction projects to block the view.

Now come my pictures. Even in the pictures it’s pretty eye-popping so you can just imagine IRL.

Our Guide.

And to end our day on the long awaited panna cotta that was indeed heavenly.

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