Adiós It’s Been Great

The entire ring of churros!

What with my ankle and Michi’s cold our last couple days have been pretty quiet. We went into Chapala to get Michi’s car serviced and to get Falin to give my ankle another welcome physio-treatment.

The main street in Chapala is totally torn up and this was as close to the church as I could get.

We stopped off at another one of Michi’s places for a morning snack with Felipe.

Walking back from lunch on the way to get the car: CATS! There were 20 of them in one small alley.

Sunrise on my last morning in San Antonio.

Below the view from Michi’s front door and the street around the corner where you will find, among other things, the fish restaurant, a drinking club for ex-pats, and a welcoming coffee spot.

Above is the main street and the very long bike/walk path beside it. The path runs for miles which is excellent considering the situation with the sidewalks. This is the road that runs mostly around the lake and the only ‘main’ road. Michi’s place is across the street from the picture on the left the left and one block from the picture on the right.

Closing off with the opening map of this journey. And next stop Home-Sweet-Home.

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