Three Days Later

The welcome home view out my back door.

I arrived home so comfortable from my first class flight that Cynthia sent along with all the other first class flights she sent as part of my gift, a wonderful trip in Mexico which included 5 nights in Mexico City and a week+ at her home in San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Each leg of the journey went without a hitch so here’s cheers and Thank You to Cynthia and thumbs up to Aeromexico.

Thanks to Michi too who hosted me for a week at her home in San Antonio Tlayacapan.

Coming home I luckily hit the timing perfectly between California storms and the day after all those flight cancellations due to the FAA computer ‘glitch’. Windy picked me up at LAX and I’ve been lazing around ever since.

Now three days later I did unpack my suitcase, run the wash, order a load of groceries… Marsha stopped by to get some oranges and grapefruits from the bounty of the backyard, and I am able to walk with almost no limp, slowly, but I’m feeling good that I will have forgotten about it by next Sunday, which will be four weeks since the sprain.

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