Sunday Will Be Four Weeks

Sunday will be four weeks since I sprained my ankle. Level 1 sprains are supposed to heal within 1-4 weeks and the doctor in San Cris said that’s probably what I had. (Level 2 sprains are supposed to heal in 4-8 weeks.) I also saw a couple of physical therapists in San Antonio to confirm I wasn’t doing anything wrong. And I have an appointment to see another doctor a week from Friday to check in and get a referral for physical therapy.

So I’ve been taking it easy. My sisters have been around, and Jo Ann and Muriel came over for a meal, I’ve visited with my tenants, and I’m getting better by millimeters every day. I can easily stand, and easily walk for short distances ever so slowly. The bruising seems gone but I’m still a little swollen.

Oh so much more than anyone wants to know (the last physical therapist put the tape on but most of it has fallen off already)…

And here it is, Sunday, wayyy not done!
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