Alexandria VA

Above is a map of Alexandria from 1863. It looks much the same today.

(All of today’s pictures are from the internet except one that Windy took.)

These days, still with full grown trees.

1=location of the wedding 2=where we were staying for the wedding 3=a visit to Alexandria 4=we’re going into DC for three nights.

We were on a route to look for street art but I think we were in the wrong neighborhood altogether. Here are some of what the guidebook called the highlights, pictures from the internet, that frankly didn’t much inspire. I didn’t even get out my camera…

Windy took the picture of the figures on the grass and the internet shows us how they were first installed.

We walked all down King Street where we did some shopping (read Windy bought 3 tops and a necklace) and then enjoyed the waterfront. We were hoping to take a ride on the Potomac River ferry but the timing didn’t work. It was pretty blazing hot in the pounding sun but surprisingly comfortable in the breezy shade.

Windy cooked us a breakfast and a dinner from the first day’s Instacart delivery, and we ate lunch in a nice place in Alexandria. We are certainly not going hungry.

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