Here Comes The Bride

I had a small job for this Wedding Day, to follow the list of photos from Hannah, getting the people together, who’s next, where’s the last bridesmaid, etc. They did a photo shoot early at a park with the bridal party, and another shoot after the ceremony at the church.

Beth took a few pictures at the park while the event was proceeding.

The guest book, where people left messages in a book full of pictures of the bride and groom. Hannah made this book and I think the idea is brilliant and the execution was perfect.

The beginning of the gatherings after the ceremony. Hannah has seven brothers and sisters and the rest of the family on both sides is pretty prolific too. At one point the whole stage was full!

The reception is here in this large church hall, so well lit with all those cool windows.

And they had a square dance caller who got really great participation.

Some of the professional photos are available now and I snagged this one right off!

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