The above picture is from the Skirball website promoting the concert I attended with Rick and Jim. It was good fun! We ate dinner there from the buffet offering, Jim brought wine, and we found a comfortable place to sit. As well as its many museum offerings, the Skirball is a fine venue for free concerts, parking $20 at the door or $15 in advance.

Antibalas is a big 12 piece ensemble based in Brooklyn with a driving afro-beat, playing like one big backing percussion section. Something felt missing, so I looked them up the next day and found what was missing, this guy, Duke Amayo, the lead singer for 20 years who fairly recently left for a solo career.

Below, my picture from the concert and the missing lead singer from the internet.

I always enjoy a nice hang-out with Rick and Jim and they even did all the driving.

There were guys from the Skirball’s Noah’s Ark exhibit carrying around some of the animals.

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