Arlington Garden And The Lost Parrot

Emilia took me on a sweet walk through the Arlington Garden in Pasadena, a community maintained space on what was Cal Trans land later donated to the city. There are so many winding paths through the 3 acres possible because the area is so densely planted.

We were all going to go to a club down the street from Richard and Emilia but one of them had to stay home with their new dog. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a picture of Otis the dog! So Emilia and I went for the walk and Richard and I went to the show.

But First, let’s have a look at Richard’s life-long hobby: MUSIC. There used to be walls of vinyl but now Richard is focusing on his CD collection.

I might have missed the hallway… that wooden chest is full too.

Here’s The Lost Parrot, a few blocks away where every Wednesday night there’s great local entertainment. I want a place like this a few blocks from MY house!

Richard and their friend Sandy who joined us for the evening.

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