News From Wilshire Blvd

The glass building is between 20th and 21st on Wilshire. I’m on 22nd, just off Wilshire. My oral surgeon is in that building, and you can see to the right a bit of Chipotle and Veggie Grill.

Below is a google picture of that corner and notice half the block is taken up with single story retail space, one block from my corner.

Oh goodness look at what’s coming, the photo is from the developer’s website. Yikes, right? 150 housing units, street level retail, underground parking for 205 cars, some of the parking being stacked spaces. And let’s make it worse, the same developer has two more corners on Wilshire heading west, with the same kind of structure planned. It already takes 30 minutes to get to the ‘freeway’ heading out of Santa Monica during rush hour, and already there is no street parking ever. But it takes forever to get through the Santa Monica planning department and maybe I won’t live to see the day.. but change is inevitable and so there we are.. paradise lost.

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