Arrival Evening

This was my first plane ride since covid and I think it went very well. The airport was not crowded (at 5am..) and in both the airport and on the plane mask compliance was 100%.

I’m settled here in the Lower East Side in a most curious hotel and a different kind of neighborhood. The dotted line shows the 8 minute walk from the hotel to the most useful metro stop, one of the downsides to this hotel. I think it will be fine though, I think the 8 minutes will dissolve into the many hours of walking to come.

What the hotel says about itself: The Sanctuary NYC mission is to provide a ‘retreat for the soul’, a respite from the usual non-spiritual accommodations available to travelers who journey to New York. As Sanctuary NYC is part of St. Christophers Interfaith Community/Dharma in Action, we live by the credo that taking care of guests is our intrinsic dharmic duty, as St. Christopher was the patron saint of travelers.

From the hotel’s website, the lobby above showing the yoga studio past the glass doors, and the room. The door in the distance of the room leads to a private patio, pretty rare in the city I think. They ask you to only cook vegetarian food in the kitchen.

Pictures from google street. There are about 100 restaurants between the metro and the hotel and these mini-marts on every corner. I got a very nice salad at Wholesome Foods for dinner and then fell into a deep sleep, waking up at 3:30am NY time. I’m typing this at 4am. Let’s see how I do with the time change..since I never know what time it is anyway!

When I was getting my salad at Wholesome Foods the guy, who appeared from his demeanor to be the owner, said it’s your first time here, right? and I said yes, that’s right! and he said why don’t you pick another ingredient, it’s on me. Opinion affirmed: people in New York are perfectly lovely.

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