P&G and The Tenement Museum

Not having been to NY in 15 years so many sites are new to me, for example The Tenement Museum, which is awesome.

You can tell this is an internet picture because of the trees.

What makes a building a tenement? What our guide said, and may I note that we had a private guide, which was wonderful: 1) 4-5 floors walk-up 2) shared by at least three unrelated families 3) each with their own kitchen.

They have fitted out one floor to represent a few exact families (we learn their individual stories), from the 19th and 20th centuries, that lived in this building. Below are some samples of the rooms from the internet since no photos were allowed. You can choose among several tours from different eras. I recommend you chose one related to your own background. You will be amazed. My grandparents definitely lived here!

More tenements, the basic construction of the Lower East Side.

Here we are, too cute, right?!

Following are a few pictures from my street. Soon Ingalill will arrive and we’ll head out for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh Goodie, I’ve never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge before.

There are three of these pocket parks within five blocks.
Our synagogue, speaking to the hugely mixed nature of this neighborhood and all the immigrants who have passed through.
Highly decorated and severely plain, living side by side…
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