Christmas Day

Santa brought a pile of treats to San Cristóbal de las Casas for us to enjoy!

Even Kai enjoyed unwrapping his own gift. He so enjoys his toys, it’s a joy to watch him play.

After admiring all our gifts we decided to walk to the most prominent church here, you’ve seen it glowing on the horizon a few times already. Here are some scenes from the walk. Maybe 1/20th of the places were open and that still offered endless entertainment.

Shops, restaurants, cozy hotels, and yes, it’s one entertaining wall after another.

Corn is often featured in indigenous designs.

This guy had a lot of “HEY, look at ME” energy going on. And “No one is illegal.”

This artist is fully engaged.

We went into one of those doors you’ve been seeing along a plain street and inside was a huge garden and work space as well as a restaurant and a hostel. Every surface was a delight.

Here’s an opportunity to extol the variety and quality of the food available in San Cris. There are expats here from every part of the world and many of them open restaurants so indeed the world is at your doorstep. I’ve had pictures of a few restaurants and maybe you get the idea. And more to come!

The street that leads to the main church, Templo de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

There she is at the top of the stairs, where I walked(!) and this is the view from the top. We’ve been seeing the red, white, and green flags all along the street but I didn’t put together that they were the colors of the flag of Mexico.

Flying over the patio of the church, the flag of peace.

Inside the church, continuing the theme of peace.

From the back of the church looking over fields of vegetables.

A police station at the bottom of the church.

Hola you guys.

Across the street from where we ate dinner.

Inside … It’s a beautiful place with an eclectic international menu including for example Spanish paella and the two dishes we got, an Italian seafood pasta and a lentil dish with Indian flavors.

After dinner we were headed to a theater that shows independent and local films. Everything was entirely normal. I was walking as I had for several days, very carefully over the rocky, slippery, narrow, sidewalks that command your attention to be careful. This time I was crossing a very steep driveway with water running over it’s ridges, as I had so many times before, but this time, YIKES, the water was soapy. So Soapy. UH OH, and I’m down.


I didn’t want to go to the doctor I just wanted to go home and lie down and think about it later. Cynthia got us a taxi and then she went full-on Florence Nightingale. She went out for a compression bandage and fixed me right up including ice (off-on-off-on ETC!), and provided the entire RICE treatment = Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. She’s done it all. This happened Sunday night.

I believed it wasn’t too serious because I could move all my joints and I could stand on two feet. It’s Tuesday morning now and I’m better but still sore and I can’t walk so well. We might swing by the clinic today just to confirm I’m not going to make myself worse by trying to walk.

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