Christmas Eve Day

San Cristóbal de las Casas, locally referred to as San Cris, is a haven of arts and crafts shopping. So many wonderful locally produced items of clothing, decor, accessories, and more.

There are two large streets that cross each other that are pedestrianized and chock-o-block with shops and restaurants. The street below is an example of one of the regular streets. Behind every door is some new delight.

For example, this is the patio entrance to a restaurant.

Here’s another one with a restaurant and an art gallery.

Santa bought me one of these shirts in blue.

Oh look, James Ellroy, an acquaintance from jr and senior high school, translated into Spanish.

Where we had lunch.

A funny chef pitching his Christmas mole dinner. These are the mole ingredients and it’s all you can eat. We might have considered it but already had reservations for a Gala Menú Especial de Navidad.


And here it is. We got every item on the menu as there were two selections for each category. As is often the case the appetizers were delicious, the best part of the meal. It was great fun!

Pictures from the restaurant’s website.


A holiday decoration and a sneak peek of the Christmas Tree.

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