City Tour In Basel

King Frog guarding the gates.

On this tour we walked to many of the places I had visited yesterday so I skipped the repeats. I had failed to get a ticket ‘before’ and by last night they were sold out. I decided to go to the meeting place in case someone didn’t show up. And sure enough, TIM didn’t show up so I bought his ticket from his father-in-law. Too bad I didn’t take our picture, it would have been cute.

Except the Cathedral. I had to take another picture here.

The Tinguely Fountain where everything moves. “In 1977 Jean Tinguel created sculptural machines in a shallow fountain where the stage of the old city theatre company once stood, and in the process gifted Basel a famous new landmark.”

Basel is particularly known as the art center of Switzerland including the yearly Art Basel fair and more museums than you can shake a stick at, some represented by all those red dots.

I guess these sculpture fountains will be in all the towns.

Notice the symbol on the base of the sculpture. I’ve been seeing this everywhere, much like Bern’s bears. Copied: “The Basel emblem, symbolizing a bishop’s crozier, dates back to 999 when Basel began being ruled by prince-bishops. The emblem also represents a support or guide (the shepherd’s crook that saves straying sheep) and an emblem of authority and administration.”

My dining treat in Basel was to find a highly regarded Rosti place and go for the classic. The place was on this street. I looked up what makes a Rosti classic – different from hash browns or latkes. There seems to be a consensus. Use Yukon Golds, par-boil the potatoes, chill them, then peel and grate, then fry those babies up with salt and pepper in plenty of butter.

Another view of the Tinguely Fountain and in the background, the 1800s Church of St. Elizabeth.

On the map you can see how Basel borders both France and Germany. I visited with a young man from Ventura CA who had married a woman from Germany and they were both now living in Switzerland. He told me the local saying is for economy: Live in France, Shop in Germany, Work in Switzerland.

I looked up the weather in my next destination – rain! Tomorrow should be just cloudy and then three days of rain, so if I want to do any mountain assents I should get up early tomorrow to make the journey to Lucerne to arrive in enough time to give Pilatus a go.

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