Basel Landmarks

First, The Cathedral, Basler Münster, “built between the years 1019 and 1500 in the Romantic and Gothic styles.” That’s a lot of time to be building a church. Everybody read The Pillars of the Earth? I never looked at a cathedral in the same way again.

BTW, they say BAzel, like BAz Luhrmann.

Cool windows in the gorgeous arcade (or colonnade or loggia or…).

These plaques are commemorating the people buried under the floor.

The front plaza is so graciously sized I could actually get far enough back to take a picture! The website has good pictures of all the sites. Let’s see if I end up using some.

This is from the large back patio of the cathedral where musicians were playing music, kids were playing ball, and everyone was enjoying the lovely day. Basel is definitely bigger than Bern. You can feel it in the views and on the busy streets. And anyway, wikipedia told me so.

Many of the streets were torn up – there’s probably a big public works job happening (yes, I heard the tram tracks are being refreshed as is the sewer system).
To My Shopping Friends! You do want to visit Basel. There are plenty of chain stores, Plenty, but on smaller side streets and alleys, so many independent shops of highly curated goods.

This was a high profile exhibit at the Kunstmuseum Basel. The museum itself is housed in three very distinct buildings but it seems none of the buildings called my name since I don’t have a picture. The exhibit was very cool..

Pictures copied from their website, the pictures were arranged side by side for comparison, the audio guide came with the ticket, and the commentary was excellent.

The picture that blew me away at the Frick Madison last year was here now, Saint Jerome. At the Frick it had a wall all to itself and wowzer. Goes to show how much context in a museum plays into one’s experience. I just now looked it up – the Frick website tells us that “El Greco and his workshop produced this popular composition at least four times.” So maybe it’s a different version?.

Another landmark building, the 500 year old Basel Town Hall.

A think it’s a school. The entire fence was draped too.

In one of the small alleys, looking up..

To get an idea because this is about 1/4 of the composition, down the middle, halfway.

..reflected in the windows of the shop across the alley, it’s all an effective effort to make you look.
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