Morning in Bern Afternoon in Basel

Before leaving Bern I decided to take a quick buzz up the hill (by tram thank you) to have a look at the Paul Klee Center (Zentrum Paul Klee) a Renzo Piano building. I’m very glad I decided to go.

They have bee hives and a sunflower forest. The inset is an internet aerial.

The only photo I took on the train ride from Bern to Basel because most of the time we were racing through long tunnels which was messing with my ears big time. The folks at the Paul Klee museum invited me to an opening event on Friday of their Noguchi show and I was considering doing the quick ride back, but now I’m thinking not.

My new street. My new accommodation has a small kitchen so I went to the market and bought so many vegetables and then I stir-fried them and ate a big big pile.
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