MORE Walking Around Bern

She and her husband run the hotel with such charm and goodwill. KUDOS guys! And so efficiently, like a Swiss clock, not to forget that!



Absolutely every soul I talked to in Bern, at a museum, in a cafe, on the tram, every soul wanted to know if I’d been to the Bear Park yet. It’s right across the street from my tram stop (which is up the hill from my hotel). Oh my it’s a popular place.

The Bernese are very attached to their bears. It’s on their flag, license plates, souvenirs, etc. Three bears live inside that oval. For so many years (wiki says the first reference is the 1440s) they kept the bears in pits making them easy to see but not so great for the bears.

Now it’s not so easy to see them but very exciting when one lumbers into view.

Love those walking tours. The topic of this tour was the UNESCO Historic Center. We learned mostly about the expansion of the city built as it was in a bend of the river Aare.

This is a pretty good example of the character of the historic old town. We’ve got a clock and a water fountain, the trams, the arcaded sidewalk and shops, the car-free street, the mid-rise buildings.

SB Nancy saw these chairs in one of my pictures from Corsica and sent me a picture of her exact same chairs. So now I see these chairs everywhere and I think I might need me some. These are located in 1) the plaza of the Cathedral, 2) the train station, and 3) the art museum. Stylish and sturdy, the Fermob Luxembourg line. Of course they’re expensive!

This place is called Zytglogge, “an elaborate medieval astronomical clock tower with moving puppets.” It’s a real crowd-pleaser.

Remember yesterday’s story about the “mountain”.

Halfway up the hill from my hotel we find the highly regarded Klösterli Weincafe. I had dinner here, my one big meal splurge.

I don’t have pictures of this splurge because sadly all my pictures of food do not look appetizing. There was an amuse bouche of tomato soup with pepperoni. Pizza soup? I don’t know what they did with the pepperoni since it was just the flavor of pepperoni and pretty dang tasty. Next I had made-in-house sausage with mashed potatoes and ratatouille. Yummm. And I got one of the fancy cheese mousse-honey appetizers for last course. Nice! And a good Swiss red as recommended by the mother of the two girls from yesterday.

One reason I haven’t eaten out so much is because of the very delicious breakfast at my hotel. We get plain yogurt just the way I like it, a very good granola and other cereals I didn’t try, fresh fruit, all kinds of bread, rolls, and super-good croissant, yummy home-made jams, and Delicious cheese. Oh yes, juice, milk, and very good espresso etc. and my favorite, flat white.

This isn’t my picture. I can’t get this view because the trees are leafed out. My hotel, Landhaus, is the smaller blue-ish building behind the white-ish building in the middle of the photo.

They do the breakfast in the morning and then have lunch and early dinner here too.

I called this place a Labor of Love. The details are a constant surprise. For example you are welcome to borrow these readers and sit around all you like.

A last view, tomorrow I leave for Basel.
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