Conference of the Birds

I know, my Hair, omg, out of covid-control.

This is the wonderful group with whom I have been reading Attar’s Conference of the Birds for months now, and it’s been a weekly delight. Hilda is responsible for making it happen, and as always, YAY Hilda. Every week I appreciate ‘us’ more, I think because we know each other better and what we say comes with context.

The book and the discussions are quite spiritual and those who know me know I’m incapable of spiritual thought but I’ve been enjoying it anyway and today I realized why. You don’t have to believe in a supreme being, or the afterlife, or reincarnation, or the supernatural to get something out of the book. For me we live all our lives in one go, here in the life we have now and that’s it, but the principles still apply because we, (like the phoenix, the story we just read) have reinvented ourselves often and we hope we’ve learned more of life’s lessons each time.

Judy, me, Luna, Victoria, Hilda

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