I Have Two Feet

My shoe basket by the door has got to overflowing and I’m wondering why.

How can a person who goes nowhere and does nothing have so many shoes?! I have no going-to-work shoes, or shoes for weddings or funerals (I keep thinking I really should get a pair of such shoes) but look at all these shoes. I do have a pair of fancy sandals and dancing flats, I just remembered! They’re not here because they’re in boxes in my closet.

So: 1-warm slippers, 2-slippers for relief of plantar fasciitis, 3-flips that are 80% worn out but I don’t want to throw them away, 4-new flips that Lona walked 12 miles in a pair just like them, 5-Birks that are so comfortable for kicking around and cured my plantar fasciitis, 6-hiking sandals (aspirational really, like I’ll be hiking anytime soon), 7-running shoes (aspirational really, like I’ll be running anytime ever), 8-garden shoes. And with the fancy sandals and dancing flats that makes 10 pairs of shoes.

Ten pairs of shoes and nothing for jury duty. And I used to go out. I used to go to work every day and to parties. I must have pitched all those shoes over the years. I must know people with SO many shoes!

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