Duomo Di Amalfi And Views

Our destination, built in the 1200s, was the cemetery with the panoramic views. We only got this far since the cemetery was closed, but the view was still quite grand.

The fleet of tour boats returning.

It’s hard to picture since the harbor looks small and shallow but from Britannica: “Although it was known in the 4th century, Amalfi was of little importance until the mid-6th century under the Byzantines. As one of the first Italian maritime republics in the 9th century, it rivaled Pisa, Genoa, Venice, and Gaeta as a naval power in trade with the East.”

There is a magnificent medieval cathedral that dominates the skyline and included among it’s claims to fame are relics of St Andrew. This picture doesn’t show the bell tower but you can see it in the city-scapes above.

Our street in the early hours. This was our last day and we went home early to get clean and pack up for the long long journey home.

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