Eating Out Twice In Amalfi Town

For an early lunch we walked out of town and chose this quiet place with a dog being King of the Patio. The food was delightful as were the owner and the service staff and particularly the dog,

We were heading out of town and up the hill to have a tour of the Museo della Carta, the Paper Museum in Amalfi, the number 2 attraction after the Cathedral. We loved it!

Our group, the leftmost guy being the tour guide who was fun and informative. We started out just four of us and the rest joined later.

And of course, Exit Through the Gift Shop where they had a ton of cool hand-made paper, and products to use with the really lovely paper designs, shapes, purposes.

We wanted to see about the Lemon Experience but once there we found they were closed, so we headed back and along the way… and you can see how these look like the opening scenes of sailing into Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi.

We went home for a rest and then out for dinner at the fancy place just across the walk-street and up the alley from where we were staying.

Look up!

I (quietly!) asked the waiter to put a candle in our dessert, which they did, and it was a festive and delicious Last Birthday Event of the trip.

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