Arrivederci Naples e Caio Amalfi Town

Our last chance in Naples to say “we should look that up”.

Heading down from town our landlord sent a taxi to take us and our luggage to the ferry, but no, Naples was running a Marathon and we had to get out and walk the last bit, but no problem, we had plenty of time and it was fun to zig-zag along the route.

We visited Sorrento previously on a day trip, first stop on the ferry up the Amalfi Coast.


We had so many ideas for our time here and then we decided, heck, we’re tired and this place here in Amalfi Town is great. So no, we didn’t go to any of your favorite places. “Oh no you didn’t go here” “Oh no you didn’t go there.” No, we did not, and we’re entirely happy, so in the words of our Sir Paul McCartney, let it be!

Here come several pictures on our way to Positano. In Positano 4/5ths of the passengers got off which was amazing, we could stretch and breathe.

Catch the view of the church dome and then you can follow as the ferry gets closer and then moves away.

Check out the path leading from the large white building to the beach, and you can see the road too.

We didn’t get this view from the ferry – entering the port of Amalfi Town (the internet: Geographical Cure).

First day’s lunch. Mine was very good (anchovies with fennel and orange and house red), Windy’s less so (cheese ravioli).

More to come! I’m home now and to-dos are piling up!

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