Filitosa and Bonifacio

Jim, Lill, Marita, Jim, and GRANNY say Happy THIRTEENTH Birthday to Lil!

First stop, Filitosa, where archeologists date the “earliest habitation to 3300 BC. Around 1500 BC, 2-3 metre menhirs were erected. They have been carved with representations of human faces, armor and weapons.”

This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site although it doesn’t always show up, I don’t know why, but its age alone and the excellent repair of the artifacts makes it special. There’s also a small museum on site.

Jim and Rick amid a grouping of the menhir of ancient Corsica.

It was a nice walk.

Awwwwwww. I asked a woman who was also taking cat pictures how do you say ‘here kitty kitty’ in French and she thought about it for some time and then replied with a ‘psss psss psss’ sound.
We laughed in agreement, that cat didn’t speak English or French.

Leaving the main site.

Stopping for a car break and a quick snap or 50.

There’s this running joke about Lill and her mountain lion sighting so when I saw this I had to take a picture. I looked up the story and didn’t get far but it does seem this is an actual lion and not our fabled mountain lion.

Rick’s pictures from the walk everyone else took up to the Bonifacio Citadel. I took the tram. No more hikes in the beating sun for me.


This picture is from Wikipedia, a view not available to us but you can see how enchanting it is from afar.

According to someone that is the coast of Sardinia just there across the Bay of Bonifacio. There are also a couple very small islands between Corsica and Sardinia so maybe that’s what we’re seeing?

This was a longer and twistier day than our outing to Calanques mostly due to the detour for Filitosa that I was hot to do. Sorry guys! On the last day I’ll do a map of all our very cool destinations.

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