A Quiet Day And a Swim In The Sea

What a quiet day. Everyone was pretty beat by the long journey to and at Calanques on Monday. I’m writing now on Thursday and I don’t remember what we did on Tuesday until the late afternoon when we went to the beach.

Everyone was playing with this dog…

…especially Lill (who btw was stepping out on her own dog.)

That’s my chair the guys generously thought to bring along.

I announced I was not messing with that dog and immediately after making this pronouncement
the dog came right up to me and peed on my chair leading to great peals of hysterical laughter from one and all.

Another Coastal Watch Tower.

RICK’S PICTURES above, that’s me under the umbrella and Lill under the towel, Marita face down, and Jim in the distance, and since Rick’s always taking pictures of other people, here he is below. What a cutie:

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