Food-Transportation-Misc 16th-21st

Feelin’ it for the ‘hood.

Paul and Gretchen turned Lill on to this Swedish Candy store. Those are the folks running the store and with whom Lill could chat in speedy Swedish. Oh yes, I do enjoy the Swedish salty licorice.

We shared a delicious dinner at an Argentine place a few blocks down the road.
The Lower East Side/East Village parks I’ve visited: Tompkins Square Park, East River Park (my favorite), Hamilton Fish Park, Roosevelt Park, Seward Park. The best part about them is that they exist at all.
I thought this looked a little like a Disneyland version of a New York street.
Yes we did, we went to Katz’s deli and that sign says When Harry Met Sally Hope You Have What She Had…Enjoy!
We took the bus once, Lyft twice, 15 or so rides on the Metro, and miles and miles and miles on foot. I was concerned at first about the Metro stop near me, did it have enough trains, but it turned out to be perfect!

And speaking of transportation, citi bike seemed extremely efficient and well subscribed. We were sitting in a cafe across the street from this stand and watched a couple dozen people return their bikes and others take them away.
A spot for a salad/soup/sandwich just off the High Line.
A yummy snack at the tippy-top of the One World Observation Deck.

This is Scarr’s Pizza where I had two pieces of pizza, one glass of wine, and one bottle of water. Wanna guess the cost? I’ll tell you: Thirty Five Dollars. Shocking! The outside seating was full too. But was it good? I wanted to have the topping on the square piece put on the thin-crust triangle piece, but no, not possible unless you get the whole pie, which ok, I can understand.

These guys opened in the middle of 2020, just in time for lock down.
Biggie’s Cafe. It looked good but I’m not going to have time.
Chinatown, this was fun! We got a good meal and entertainment from the staff and guests at the Chinese restaurant. Then we walked to the end of the block where the Festival of San Gennaro was raging in Little Italy. We didn’t take even one step into that crowd!

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