Lill’s Last Morning

Lill’s last morning and we’re out for a 4-5 mile stroll. Oh my we have been walking a lot. I knew I’d have the afternoon free when at last I would spend many many hours not taking even one step so ok, let’s go. We walked around the East Village and then down to the East River Park.

Above, according to with 39 community gardens blooming between 14th Street and East Houston Street, the East Village is the Emerald City. The neighborhood boasts the highest concentration of community gardens in the country thanks to a proud history of grassroots activism that has helped transform once-abandoned lots into community oases.

Urban wildlife.
You don’t often get a view without cars.
A pedestrian bridge to cross the FDR Highway, and under the Williamsburg Bridge.
Here’s a handsome park, 57.5 acres, along the East River and quite the opposite of Little Island. There are tennis and basketball courts but mostly it’s paths, grass, and trees, for running, games, and picnics. All the trash from the weekend was neatly bagged up by the fence. It was all remarkably lovely.
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