Geneva-Montreux-Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon), according to wikipedia, the first written record of the castle was in 1005.

A scenic train ride to Chillon Castle. You can see how that little finger of Switzerland pokes into France.

We (Heidi and I) had a lovely day-trip taking the train to the end of Lake Geneva to visit Chillon Castle. I’ll talk about the various Swiss Travel Passes later, and the glory that is Swiss train travel.

Leaving the station.

Views along the way.


Arriving in Montreux we took a bus on to the castle.

An example of the buildings in Montreux.


Not My Pictures!

I didn’t get this view but I wanted to share one aspect of this gorgeous area.

A repeat of the first shot.

Some set-ups inside the buildings.

We climbed to the top of the tallest tower. Those mountains from the internet pictures should have been visible, but no.

These lower, closer mountains were visible though, and beautiful.

Surf’s up on Lake Geneva.

I ended my day with a truly delicious treat – a Swiss Potato Rosti. The next morning I was off early to catch the train to catch the plane to meet up with The Gang in Corsica.
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