A Stroll Around Geneva

That’s my hotel, Hotel Cristal Design, and the statue is called “L’Immigr√©”, The Emigrant, and reflects the ever evolving nature of this neighborhood. Within one block of here I have noticed a United Nations of restaurants. And Starbucks.

I spent the day with Heidi. We tromped around plenty and then took a little drive to enjoy a bit of the lake.

First stop for me is (almost) always the cathedral. In Geneva the largest and most important church is St. Pierre Cathedral, originally built as a Roman Catholic cathedral but during the Reformation it transformed itself into a Protestant church.

We climbed to the top of one of the towers!

Here’s one of the views from the tower including the The Jet d’Eau fountain out in the lake, installed in 1886, moved slightly in 1891 and adored through the city. There’s a walkway out there and the slightest change in the wind can drench all the spectators.

Heidi in the Bell Tower.

A view while crossing one of the many bridges.

Snack Time!

Then we decided to stroll through the Art Museum, which was in a gorgeous building…

..and clocks of course. Three rooms of Swiss clocks.

Another view out one of the many beautiful windows. That’s a Henry Moore sculpture out there.

And a view of the golden domes of the Russian Orthodox Church from the entry to the Art Museum.

I couldn’t stop looking!

Then Heidi got her car and we drove to the French border and enjoyed yet another snack time at the lake.

Lake Geneva!
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