Heidi Met Me At The Plane

Heidi is Robert’s sister (Robert of Robert and Joanna). Heidi lives in Geneva and Robert set it up for us to meet. Thank you Heidi, Thank you Robert!

This and the above are details from Heidi’s apartment.

And this is her street.

I got settled in my hotel and then we enjoyed a lovely wine and snack at a bistro across the street from the hotel.

Across from us at the bistro, I asked them of course if I could take a picture of their beer delivery system. Never have I ever seen a thing like this! The lovely women were from Thailand, working here at the embassy.
After a couple hours of rest, me in my hotel and Heidi at her house, we had dinner in one of Heidi’s favorite places (that’s her in the middle and the women who run the café on either side)…
Here it is, a lovely café on the corner between my hotel and Heidi’s house.

After dinner I went home, tried to look at pictures but fell asleep inmediatamente and woke up 11 hours later.

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