Going Out Late Like The Cool Kids

Richard, Sandy, Yolie, Mirtha

Emilia couldn’t go because she was sick so I got to take her place (with the cool kids…) LATE at The Paramount club in downtown Boyle Heights to see La Santa Cecilia.

The headliners did come on late. After the opening act left the stage the venue played songs from the headliner’s albums and the crowd sang along word for word with such total enthusiasm it was infectious. Here we’ve got standing room only, and we could peer around this guy…

…but I got him to take the picture because as you see, he’s a big guy with a long reach!

I didn’t last very long. Maybe 1/3 of the crowd was wearing masks. After I scootled out, I could get into the open air And see the stage. That was great so I stayed for another couple songs. That’s us, bye guys, it was great!

This is a picture from the internet. The woman (called Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez) is the lead singer and the star of the show. She’s Wonderful and if you youtube some La Santa Cecilia you won’t be sorry. The instrumentalists were quite fabulous too btw.

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