We Had A Slumber Party

This is Rome’s picture of the shadows on the wall of my bedroom where they were sleeping. Lilly slept in the living room and I slept in the dining room, we each had a ‘room’, no doors, but a room.


Slumber Party food is the best! We go to the store, think about what to fix, buy what we want, eat yummy appetizer/snacks while we fix dinner…too fun. And then there’s dessert.

Lilly made our delicious mocktails, the oh-so-fun holiday pastel decorations for our cookies, and the fruit salad for breakfast. Rome and I made the recipe-toast with flavored hot oil that I will make again, Rome picked out the salad, and together Rome and I made the aMAYzing fried cheese.

And then we went to the ZOO!

The zoo was having a Scavenger Hunt Friday and Saturday in which you were supposed to find the animals with the Scavenger Hunt logo (oh yes it was a product promotion) of animals that lay eggs and write the name on the paper. If you got three or more you could come back for the prize, an egg from KinderJOY with candy and a toy inside. Rome got the orca and Lilly got the beaver. Rome wanted the beaver Bad and Lilly was willing to trade so YEA, it was FUN.
It was mostly super-Duper-crowded, and then we’d turn a corner and find an entirely quiet path.
Yikes, right, an Indian Gharial.
Having just been to the Jane Goodall show I was looking forward to watching the chimps for awhile.
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