Heydalur And Horses

The breakfast buffet at Country Hotel Heydalur was similar to all the others, I’m trying to think what made it better…two kinds of arctic char, two kinds of herring, homemade jams, different kinds of cheese, bacon and eggs (rare actually), bread and rolls warm and fresh out of the oven, pretty good fresh fruit, and then all the regular things too, the regular sliced cheeses and various meats, cereal, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, red bell peppers. More too. I see peanut butter and honey. They were always running out of things which was ok because if you asked they’d gladly bring more. At the end there wasn’t a lot of waste. Actually at the end staff would come through to fill a plate and then there wasn’t anything left.

I’m staying here all day and driving nowhere. Wow.

They have a nice pool to enjoy.
And an outdoor hot pot.
Plenty of lovely walks.

But Mostly! HORSES.

They live down in the fields and this lovely young woman brings them up when there are tourists around to go for a ride.

Giving us instructions
And we’re off!

I didn’t take many pictures on the trail because it was so rocky my horse’s hooves would occasionally slip meaning I had to pay attention, and we crossed water several times which was even more slippery. Near the end of the hour I was ‘getting it’ for the slips and it was a lot easier. In fact, it was a BLAST!

That’s the guide and the three other riders from Germany.

They have a big green house, I can’t believe I forgot to visit there.
And they are planting trees every year around the hillsides. The trees don’t grow much though, and I doubt that they will be contributing much to the driftwood piles from Siberia.
We finished out the day around 9pm enjoying a beer fest with my three Germans from the ride and another unrelated German whose friend had just left. Of course their English was perfect and I had a great time hearing about their trips.
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