How Did I Get Here

I left Heydalur on the late side because first I had to make friends with this Arctic fox, the only mammal native to Iceland. This guy came around the kitchen when she was just a kit, probably abandoned or orphaned, and although never tamed, when she has just had a litter she comes back for food because, they think, it’s easier than hunting.

Leaving Heydalur all I had to do was drive to my next destination and enjoy the landscape along the way. So weather-wise, not the best day for such a project, raining as often as not, and somewhere along the line the gps kept insisting I turn HERE:

The dreaded Impassable. But all the roads were open when I left. Did I put in the wrong destination?
Eventually it all worked out but I don’t know how or by what route I reached Guesthouse Stekkaból in Patreksfjörður.


Here are a few pictures I was able to catch between the rains.

This was an odd encampment setup around an area of protected nesting birds.
Notice the gold sand beach on the left, more are coming.

Arriving in Patreksfjörður after the long drive I decided to eat an actual dinner in an actual restaurant and picked the ‘best place in town’. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful. I’ve had the lamb soup and the smoked lamb sandwich slices but I’d not yet had a piece of meat. I got the ribeye, prepared perfectly, I mean really really good.

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