Látrabjarg And A Ferry

A car ferry bobbing around in the North Atlantic.
I thought it would be a fun change of pace. It was a change of pace and a nice hit of deja vu for sure. More later.


Látrabjarg, the westernmost point in Iceland at the tip of the lowest finger of the Westfjords. Látrabjarg is a monumental area of bird cliffs. So many birds. I read there were 160,000 pairs of nesting razorbills alone.

My guesthouse in Patreksfjörður had a lovely breakfast room:

I took a lazy morning and then headed out for the 1 1/2 hour drive to see the birds in the cliffs at Látrabjarg.

On the way another gold sand beach. Some of them are yellow, some red, it’s something I could look-up.

Here’s the thing about seeing puffins. During the nesting months they fly out in the morning on the early side and come back late so if you don’t catch them then you’ll still find a few who have stayed behind but not the nice crowds you see in National Geographic.

Fun Fact! auroraexpeditions says you can call a group of puffins “by a range of names – a colony, a circus, a puffinry, a gathering, a burrow, or an improbability.”

It was SO windy out there I have no idea how those birds stayed attached to the cliffs. Amazing. And I did see a few more puffins too. But these guys were not as lively as the ones in Bakkagerði in East-Iceland when I stayed at Blábjörg Resort, maybe because they were too busy hanging on.

There are thousands of birds, many cliffs, and a dozen different kinds of birds but when you see this you can know for sure, Puffins!
I passed this once before in the rain. Twice in the rain! I got the clear picture off the internet and saw the second member of the duo today and I’ll tell about it then.
The ferry, and there is nothing else around except down the road 10 minutes there’s an overpriced restaurant even by Iceland standards. Many people I later saw on the ferry were hanging out there too.
I heard a lot of people moaning about the bobbing around but I went outside and it was fine, cold but fine.
Through the muddy front window, welcome to yet again another delightfully cute town, this one is called Stykkishólmur. I took this picture at 10pm. I’ll spend this night and tomorrow night here.
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