Home For Two Days

Bodhi, Desda, Shira, Bob, Richard, me, Chad

This was fun! I got to meet Baby Bodhi for the first time and what a charmer. We very much enjoyed walking around the restaurant together (we were in an empty section of Canter’s!) pointing at all the Lights. Lights! I’m so glad the timing worked out and I happened to be home when this beautiful family happened to be in LA.

Here’s what I did in these two days between DC and Oregon: unpack, wash clothes, repack, Steve and Celina over for dinner, Bob and Desda at Canter’s, Susan from Australia over at Lona’s, Lucas, Betsy, and Anya over for a walk-through, REI for a backpack, and what else? It seemed like there was something every hour.

So, I didn’t finish the pictures for DC until 5 days after is was all over. At one point, Marsha pointed out, I was 8 days behind and when that happens I’m not as happy with the results of my story since I Forget. But at this moment it’s Aug 2, three days into my trip with Lilly, and I’m ready to start this trip. Getting close to catching up!

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