Lillly And I Visit Oregon

Catching an early flight out of LAX.

And we’re Off. It’s a pretty small plane that takes us to Eugene.

Cali and Andre picked us up at the sweet little airport, took us to the Timber Inn to drop our bags, and we were off for a day of Good Times. Here’s a representative look at wandering around the streets of Eugene.

First stop, “Off the Waffle, Home of Oregon’s Finest Liège Waffles”. I had a savory topping of goats cheese, avocado, basil, some herbs, and a fried egg and tasted everyone else’s of course. I was totally over the moon for this place, so what are liége waffles? According to The Belgian Kitchen “Liège waffles, are quite different (from American Belgian waffles) and are made with a yeast based brioche dough studded with special pearl nibs of sugar that caramelize on the (hugely expensive commercial) waffle iron as it cooks. They are buttery and chewy soft on the inside while crispy and crunchy on the outside where the pearl sugar hardens similar to crème brulee.”

You can get them in several places around LA including the Mar Vista Farmers Market and I will so be there this very Sunday.

Voodoo Donuts. Gotta try one.

Andre took us on a tour of his campus, the University of Oregon (go Ducks), including the remarkable Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. They have a serious collection of Asian arts as well as a broad sampling of other programs. It was an unexpected treat.

This is what it’s like at the University of Oregon. Trees!

We decided to have a dinner picnic at a nearby park.

Andre, Lilly, Cali

Lilly’s selfie with Cali.

And a walk in the woods. Andre had to get going, back to Portland for his summer internship. Lilly and I rested up from our early morning.

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