Going To Corvallis

Still in Eugene but at a new hotel, we had another nice hotel breakfast this morning and then Cali picked us up for an outing. But before heading out for Corvallis we went to the 5th Street Market for ‘the best ice cream ever’. We walked around a little and then sat on a bench, looking straight ahead, waiting for the place to open.

The 5th Street Market, the chicken and the truck tells the story.

And then we’re off for the 45 minute drive from Eugene to Corvallis. Cali attends Oregon State University there (go Beavers), studying remotely and hence she is able to live with Andre in Eugene.

Cali took us for a tour around the campus and especially to the store where Lilly bought, among a few other things, an Oregon State University sweatshirt.

It was a tree-filled campus here too with this path as an example, leading to one of the academic buildings.

We made a swing by Cali’s apartment to pick up some things – her lease is up at the end of the month and she’ll be renting a room in the house where Andre has a room so they’ll have a two room suite to enjoy.

Time for Food! We went to a local make-your-own pizza place which was very good, and everyone got what they wanted. Here’s Lilly’s picture of her choice, pesto and cheese. Yum.

And we ended our day with a swim at the hotel pool.

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